We would not exist without the amazing support of our volunteers - below is a list of ways you can help!

We also provide plants and support to other groups who take on the planting and management of sites on public land throughout the Wakatipu.  We work closely with DoC and QLDC to negotiate planting sites. We’d love to hear from you, your business, community association, community group or school if you are interested in taking on a site.

For more information please contact our Operations Manager, Karen O'Donahoo - volunteer@wrtqt.org.nz

Ways You Can Volunteer:

The Jean Malpas Community Nursery is open for volunteer plant maintenance sessions every Wednesday during winter.

Our winter hours are:



Due to Covid-19 Restrictions causing the cancellation of our autumn planting days, our plants in the nursery will be spending the winter in their pots.  However, we are excited to announce our Spring Planting Days: 

5 Sept - Whitechapel

12 Sept - Bush Creek

19 Sept - Lake Hayes South

26 Sept - Mill Creek / Slope Hill

More information will be sent via email and posted to our Facebook page closer to the events.  


We are always in need of skilled volunteers to help in other ways e.g:

  • Photography

  • Writing 

  • Artwork

  • Spraying

  • Using Scrub-bar

  • Fundraising

  • Engineering

  • Building

Jean Malpas Community Nursery 

Located in a corner of Jardine Park, Kelvin Heights  the Jean Malpas Nursery is the cornerstone of the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust. It is aptly named after long-time local Jean Malpas who famously had her finger in many community pies in the Wakatipu and left, as an eduring legacy, a trust dedicated to environmental projects. This is what has funded our nursery and we are extremely grateful for her foresight and generosity.


We buy small seedlings from Pukerau Nursery in Southland and are now propagating a large number of our own from locally sourced seeds and cuttings. 


We welcome volunteers to join us in our regular potting up sessions on Wednesdays. These sessions are drop in style, a great way to meet new people and learn more about our native plants!